Wege Family Welcomes Wildlife Filmmaker to Aquinas

Two generations of Peter Wege’s family turned out in April for the 15th annual Wege Lecture at Aquinas College given by Chris Palmer, the renowned wildlife film producer. Pictured above being recognized in Aquinas’s Performing Arts Center from left to right are: Patrick Goodwillie, Mary Nelson, Jim Nelson, Jonathan Wege, Peter Wege II, Caitlin Wiener, Jessica McLear, Christopher Carter, and Rachel Wege-Lack, Peter Wege II’s daughter, who is shown introducing Chris Palmer to the full auditorium.

Chris Palmer, whose wildlife documentaries have appeared on IMAX, Disney Channel, and Animal Planet, among others, showed clips from his films, including up-close encounters with Southern Right Whales and a wolf pack making a den. In his elegant British accent, Chris Palmer captivated the audience with his animated style and passionate commitment to protecting wildlife.

“I want the world to be preserved,” he told the crowd, “and wildlife films are one way to tackle the problems of the environment. All the films I make are part of a conservation campaign.”

Chris Palmer is a full-time faculty member at American University where he started the Center for Environmental Filmmaking in the School of Communication. In 2009 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award for Media at the International Wildlife Film Festival.

After his talk, Palmer greeted audience members and signed copies of his new book: Shooting in the Wild: An Insider’s Account of Making Movies in the Animal Kingdom. The accompanying slide-show photographs feature guests at the Wege Lecture and the reception and dinner afterwards.

Mr. Wege's granddaughter, Rachel Wege-Lack, is shown introducing Chris Palmer to a full auditorium.
Mr. Wege’s granddaughter, Rachel Wege-Lack, is shown introducing Chris Palmer to a full auditorium.