The Kids Take on : TAKE BACK THE TAP

takebackthetapPeter M. Wege has forever said that if this planet is to be saved, “The kids must do it.” He’s counting on the children pictured here at Ada Christian School in Grand Rapids to help promote the Take Back The Tap campaign The Wege Foundation has launched to end the sale of bottled water. These middle-schoolers saw photos where a colony of plastic bottles covers the ocean floor off the California coast.

The Wege Foundation gave each of these middle-school students the refillable water bottles they are holding emblazoned with the logo: Take Back The Tap. As part of their lesson they memorized the five reasons for taking back tap water as CHESS: Cheaper. Healthier. Earth-friendlier. Safer. Smarter.

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From the left: Lauren Bowman, Maria Betten, Elizabeth Schellenberg, volunteer teacher Laurie Sprague, Sam Van Hoven, Jessa Vander Weide, Megan Heynen, Lauren Postma, Adrianne France, Mackenzie Renner, and Allyson Korhorn.