Public transportation in Grand Rapids is not only alive and well, it is also about to run better, faster, and more often. Thanks to the recent passage of increased millage for the Rapid bus system, the Silver Line will hit the road next year carrying more passengers more often to more distant destinations.

This major boost for the bus system in Grand Rapids exemplifies Peter M. Wege’s philosophy of economicology. He has long advocated for balancing the needs of the economy with those of the ecology. Every bus rider saves the green-house gases emitted by individual cars and reduces fuel consumption. Every gallon of gas not used reduces the need for oil companies to drill for more fossil fuel. Mark up one for the ecology.

Businesses that support the economy require one thing above all: good employees. But workers need reliable transportation in order to get to the jobs that keep the economy humming. The coming Silver Line will expand those job opportunities in West Michigan by taking passengers all over town and as far south as 54th Street.

This cool video shows the proposed route of the coming Silver Line starting downtown on South Division. Like Wege’s theory of economicology, the Silver Line will be a win-win. Win one for the ecology. Win one for the economy. Check out the video.

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