Community Health & Wellbeing

Community Health & Wellbeing GOAL #1: Assure collaborative and continuing support to focus on the long-term impact of social and community determinants of health, root causes and disproportionate racialized outcomes in housing and economic equity to achieve racial justice.

Example grants: Legal services, advocacy, education, and outreach services for refugees; Support for survivors of human trafficking; Preventative health programs that address chronic diseases & food injustice by; Creating a self-sustaining life & fostering a sense of belonging for new Americans by bringing people together to build connections; “Cure Violence” youth support and prevention program that takes a public health approach; Temporary housing and financial literacy for underemployed and individuals experiencing homelessness; Foreclosure intervention services and support for homeowners; Support for affordable rental housing for under resourced senior citizens & expansion of child development center; Free therapeutic services for women, children, immigrants, domestic abuse survivors and LGBTQIA community; Building civic engagement capacity for organizations run by people of color; Advocacy & education work on child care, community safety, mental health, immigrant & refugee wellbeing; Free legal services for various barriers that new Americans encounter; Affordable rental program for women ageing out of foster care.


Community Health & Wellbeing GOAL #2: Assure a pipeline of diverse and culturally competent talent to create racial justice and equity that arise from the most disproportionate, racialized social determinants of health in Grand Rapids.

Example grants; Scholarships, mentoring, and academic support for Black student nurses; Pilot internship program for African high school seniors & college freshmen; Empowering Latinx businesses through education with a focus on equitable growth and development of Latino talent; Support for education of underrepresented populations on new redistricting process and census; Technical support for historically excluded entrepreneurs; Repurposing and upcycling manufacturing materials to create diverse workforce & equitable circular economy for textiles.