Community Health & Wellbeing

Community Health & Wellbeing GOAL #1: Assure collaborative and continuing support to focus on the long-term impact of social and community determinants of health, root causes and disproportionate racialized outcomes in housing and economic equity to achieve racial justice.     

Example grants: Justice for Our Neighbors – Legal services, advocacy, education, and outreach services for refugees; Sacred Beginnings – Support for survivors of human trafficking; Health Net of West Michigan- Obesity intervention services with hands-on skills building; United Methodist Community House – Fresh Market to increase access to healthy and local food in an under-resourced neighborhood; Covenant House Michigan – Residential housing program to support long-term sustainability through housing and education for youth experiencing homelessness; Family Promise of Grand Rapids – Housing stability for families and children experiencing homelessness; Family Outreach Center – Behavioral health services for under-resourced diverse communities; Meaning in Colors – Temporary housing and financial literacy for underemployed and  individuals experiencing homelessness; Ayni Institute Inc.(Cosecha) – Organizes and trains community  to create systemic change to make Grand Rapids more inclusive to immigrant workers and marginalized individuals.

Community Health & Wellbeing GOAL #2: Assure a pipeline of diverse and culturally competent talent to create racial justice and equity that arise from the most disproportionate, racialized social determinants of health in Grand Rapids.

Example grants: Grand Rapids Chapter National Black Nurses Association Inc – Scholarships, mentoring, and academic support for Black student nurses; The Ferris Foundation – Entrepreneurship training and business coaching for aspiring Latinx entrepreneurs.