These quotes by Peter M. Wege come from his two books on ECONOMICOLOGY, his poetry, his handwritten notes, and his public comments. They reflect his visionary thinking on the environment, love of humanity, passion for education, deep spirituality, and contagious sense of humor.

Hopeful Vision –

“To wonder, to think, to produce a thought that becomes an idea that becomes a reality starts with an inspiration and finally continuance of goals until the thought is fully achieved”

“Give us compassion and understanding of why we are here on this dot in the Universe. We have lost touch with you, Lord, and bet that you bring us back to the realization that we need to grow a healthy mind, body, and spirit – Amen”

Positive Attitudes –

“Do all the good you can, for as many people as you can, for as long as you can, for all the right reason.”

“We don’t need more icons, we need more “I cans!”

“Imagine a time when war is no longer the answer to questions of right and wrong, a time when all its wounds and scars are gone. Of racist and terrorist hardly a trace, every tear and each deep sigh quenched by love’s embrace. Imagine.”

Great Lakes –

We can live without a lot of things. Fresh water . . . is not one of them.


Peter was a wonderful poet.  Click here to see some examples of his poetry.



Peter wrote a letter to Mr. J. D. Selby, the president of Consumers Power Company, on June 21, 1979 after the Three Mile Island incident.  Click here to read.