ECONOMICOLOGY II continues and updates the mission of Wege’s first book published in 1998, ECONOMICOLOGY: The Eleventh Commandment. In both books, Peter has drawn upon environmental experts who have most influenced his thinking and affirmed his philosophy of economicology. Peter coined the word two decades ago to summarize his belief that we must strike a balance between our economy and our ecology.

In his book, Peter reviews writers such as his old friend and environmental hero, the late John Gardner, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and best selling-journalist Thomas Friedman, all of whom support the argument that in order to promote our economy, we must take care of our natural resources.

As with his first book on economicology, Peter M. Wege hopes the excerpts he shares in his new book will entice readers to read these environmental experts’ books. The bibliography at the back of ECONOMICOLOGY II lists the writers he quotes as well as other authors who have contributed to Wege’s philosophy.

When Peter M. Wege started The Wege Foundation, he posed the hypothetical question, “Is the planet worth saving?” This book, like his philanthropy, answers that question with power and with hope but, like the experts in his book, urges the public to act now.

This book provides a call for action to the public and suggests using the knowledge of our greatest scientific and environmental minds to save the very planet that we call home. In ECONOMICOLOGY II author and great-grandfather, Peter Wege, confirms that the Earth is worth saving simply because “We owe it to all those who come after us.”


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petermwegePeter Martin Wege, A Biography is the story of the man who in 1912 founded Metal Office Furniture, today’s Steelcase Inc., the world’s largest office-furniture maker in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Born in 1870 in Toledo, Ohio, to German immigrant parents, Peter Martin married Sophia Dubridge in 1917. Their only child Peter Melvin was born in 1920 and went on to create The Wege Foundation to honor his parents.

econ1v1 econ1v3ECONOMICOLOGY: The Eleventh Commandment, by Peter M. Wege, was published in 1998. The title and cover embodies Wege’s philosophy that by the 20th Century, God would have given Moses an Eleventh Commandment: Thou shalt not commit abuse against the environment, but rather honor it with respect for sustaining life as we know it.

Reprints of Peter M. Wege’s 1998 book ECONOMICOLOGY: The Eleventh Commandment in its second edition with a different cover.

odesOdes From the Heart, by Peter M. Wege, published in 2006, is a collection of Wege’s poetry accompanied by his photography. It is dedicated to his “family and friends.”