Community Service

COMMUNITY SERVICE GOAL #1: Assure emergency and continuing compassionate support during disruptive life experiences such as spouse/partner/child abuse, homelessness, joblessness and substance abuse.

Illustrative grants:  CASA of Kent County – Trained volunteers appointed by family court to investigate, facilitate, advocate and monitor services for children living in foster care; Children’s Assessment Center –  Streamline less-traumatic, developmentally-appropriate support for sexually-abused children; Well House – Housing and job training for homeless rehabbing old homes to LEED standards;Mel Trotter Ministries – Shelter for homeless young men, including LGBTQ youth.

COMMUNITY SERVICE GOAL #2: Advance equity of economic opportunities for marginalized individuals, including support for entrepreneurship and businesses led by individuals of color.

Illustrative grants: Michigan Migrant Legal Assistance Project – Legal assistance to migrant workers seeking fair wages and working conditions; Inner City Christian Federation – Financial literacy and home ownership training for low-income home owners; Start Garden – Fostering entrepreneurship in underserved communities; GROW – Training and mentoring to help women start and grow businesses.

Stories about the Wege Foundation's Commitment to Community Service