Health Care

HEALTH CARE GOAL #1: Reduce/eliminate racial and class disparities in key health outcomes through prevention and access to care, especially among children and programs that support seniors to remain in their homes. 

Illustrative grants: Our Kitchen Table – Farm to School food growing program that includes food systems education to Grand Rapids youth; United Church Outreach Ministries – Health program that includes focus on food justice; Heartside Ministry – Substance abuse and mental health treatment through art therapy; Samaritus – Refugee support to navigate health system; Grand Rapids Red Project– AIDS and HIV prevention, education and support.

HEALTH CARE GOAL #2: Expand universal access to transportation and recreational opportunities for differently-abled individuals.

Illustrative grants: Alternatives in Motion – Refurbishing and recycling wheel chairs; Disability Advocates – Expand public transportation for people with disabilities; Mary Free Bed YMCA – Universal design facility and grounds.

Stories about the Wege Foundation's Commitment to Health Care